Inspiration: Flourish by Dana Tanamachi

Happy Saturday!!!

3/29/14 Horoscope for Scorpio: Today is all about art. It’s a great time for creating new work if that’s where your interests lie, but it’s just as good for soaking up culture in all its forms. Your creative energy is magnificent!

Dana Tanamachi, a brilliant artist based in Brooklyn, New York, uses blank walls as her canvas and chalk as her medium. This video of her artwork could not demonstrate creativity better. Does it make you want to grab a sketchbook and doodle?

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Fashion: Dior Haute Couture SS 2014

Today (Monday, January 20), iconic fashion house Dior held its Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 runway show in Paris. Creative director Raf Simons presented 52 trendsetting looks to a massive audience that included actresses Kate Bosworth and LeeLee Sobieski, and Chinese actress Ni Ni. Here are some of my favorite looks from the show:




This new collection brings back almost all the RTW SS 2014 trends: sheer fabrics, loosely defined silhouettes, and bold orange lipstick. Simons also reintroduces florals for spring (how groundbreaking), and some of the models’ shoes remind me of Alexander Wang’s Aline sandals from a few years back. Overall, I really liked the entire line and I can’t wait to see celebrities (cough cough—Jennifer Lawrence) wearing custom Dior on the red carpets next year!

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November Favorites

It’s been a while since I posted anything!

Anyways, here are my November (I know, super duper early but I can’t wait for November!) favorites from Etsy. They’re all really affordable and would be amazing stocking stuffers, since Christmas is only 58 days away!


Buy my favorites here: 1 | 2 | 3

Have a lovely day!

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Recipe: Mint Chocolate Truffles

presenting to you….another baking-free, easy recipe! for all the mint and chocolate combo fans, here’s how to make delicious truffles or cake pops with only three ingredients!

ingredients needed:
 » one pack of girl scout thin mint cookies, or keebler grasshopper cookies if it isn’t girl scout cookie season yet
 » 4 ounces of fat free cream cheese (softened)
 » 12 ounces of mint chips (i prefer guittard’s green mint chips, the green color is lovely!)
 » white chocolate chips (optional)

1) gather all the cookies in a big ziploc bag and pound them until they become crumbs (also can be pulsed with a food processor, if you own one)
2) dump the cookie crumbs into a bowl
3) mix the cream cheese and the cookie crumbs until they’re combined
4) roll the mix into small balls (if you’re planning to make cake pops, i suggest to make them about 1.5 inches)
5) place the balls on wax paper and refrigerate it for 30-40 minutes so they don’t fall apart when you coat them
6) while you’re waiting for your truffles to harden, dump the mint chips in a microwave-safe bowl. heat them for 30 seconds at a time until the chips are fully melted, and make sure to stir between each 30 seconds. IT IS BEST TO DO THIS WHEN THE 30-40 MINUTES ARE ALMOST UP, SO YOUR MINT CHIPS DON’T SOLIDIFY AGAIN AFTER BEING HEATED
7) take the cookie balls out of the refrigerator and roll them in the melted mints until they’re fully covered. use two spoons to push the ball around if you don’t want to use your fingers
8) pick up the truffle using the two spoons and allow for the excess mint to drip off before putting them back on the wax sheet
9) after you’ve finished coating all your truffles, stick the wax paper back into the refrigerator for the mint to harden. usually this takes 3-5 minutes. if you’re planning to make cake pops, now would be the time to put the sticks into the truffles. make sure all the sticks are pointing upwards before you put the wax paper into the refrigerator
10) if you want to decorate your truffles, melt 1/2 a cup of white chocolate chips the same way you melted the mint chips. then transfer the melted white chocolate into another small ziploc bag, and cut a tiiiiiiiiny hole in the corner of the bag. the smaller the hole is, the easier the chocolate is to control. drizzle the white chocolate onto the finished truffles/cake pops
11) refrigerate until you’re ready to eat them. bon(e) appetit! ;)

(Source: tigersandteas)

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Recipe: Microwave Mug Cake

one of my mom’s friends recently showed me how to make the perfect afternoon snack. the best part? IT TAKES LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES! though i’d post it here. so here goes—the microwave chocolate mug cake recipe!

estimated cooking time: 2-3 minutes

ingredients needed:
 » a pinch of salt
 » 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
 » 3 tablespoons of chocolate chips
 » 3 tablespoons of milk
 » 1 raw egg
 » 3 tablespoons of oil
 » 3 tablespoons of sugar
 » 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
 » 1/4 cup of self-rising flour
 » optional: whipped cream/ice cream

1) mix all the ingredients together into a simple mug (make sure there isn’t metal detailing on the mug, or else your cake will overcook)
2) stir until the ingredients are combined
3) microwave for about two minutes—if your microwave is small, add an extra 15 seconds
4) voila! your chocolate mug cake is done :) add ice cream or whipped cream as a topping if desired….ENJOY!!

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